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10 Fundraising Mantras

7 Steps to Your Best Nonprofit Marketing Plan Ever

Learn how to get the most out of your online fundraising efforts and ultimately raise more money with these seven steps to creating a nonprofit marketing plan that works.

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10 Fundraising Mantras

How to Make the Case for Giving

Fundraisers can no longer rely on a simple ask to secure a donation. “We need your donation” is not compelling enough. So what do you say to your donors and how do you say it? Use these 8 steps as a guide to help your organization craft the case for giving.


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Why Mobile Matters

Why Mobile Matters: A Guide to the Mobile Web

Because the decision to give is often impulsive, and because they make it so easy to act in the moment, smartphones and other mobile devices have the potential to unleash generosity for nonprofits.

The digital fundraising and mobile payment experts at Network for Good and PayPal have outlined the key mobile trends for nonprofits to understand and share steps to prepare to take your nonprofit outreach and giving options mobile.

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10 Fundraising Mantras

10 Fundraising Mantras for 2013

Let 2013 be the year that you exceed your nonprofit fundraising and marketing goals. Not sure how to reach your full potential this year? Our guide can help. Network for Good has outlined the 10 critical areas of focus for successful nonprofits, including social media, mobile and maximizing online giving.


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Online Fundraiser's Checklist EbookOnline Fundraiser's Checklist 2.0

Want our best advice in bite-sized portions? We've compiled 10 checklists to help you achieve fundraising success. This eBook covers: Online fundraising best practices (like Web design and donation form etiquette); email outreach to-dos (subject line tips, anyone?) plus, tips for event management!

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Nonprofit Newsletter Print to Email EbookFrom Print to Email: Take Your Newsletter on an Epic Journey
Print is just one of many ways to connect directly with donors, as well as email and social media.

So what’s the right decision for you? Should you drop your print newsletter in favor of email, and if so, how do you make that happen in a way that make sense for your organization? Kivi Leroux Miller covers all of that and more in this latest guide on transitioning a newsletter from print to email.

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Mobile Frontier eBookThe Mobile Frontier: Successful Strategies for Text-to-Give and Beyond

Discover how to increase your "portable potential," empower your staff with a focused strategy, and enable your supporters with a richer, more compelling mobile presence.

In this guide, co-authored by our partners at Convio, we’ll share:
• The variety of mobile marketing approaches
• How to determine if mobile is right for your organization
• Potential benefits and how to use mobile for deeper engagement
• How to integrate mobile into your fundraising efforts 

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10 Fundraising resolutions ebook10 Resolutions for Online Fundraising and Marketing Success 

Commit to raising more money this year by attracting new donors and connecting with your existing supporters. This ebook includes tips for how to: 

• Start putting fundraising first
• Make little website changes that have a huge impact
• Determine your mobile needs and strategies 
• Or use social media even more wisely!

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Next Big Event EbookThe Next Big Event: How to Make Your next Big Fundraising Event a Success

Fundraising events are a great way to cultivate support and attract new donors. But great events take a lot of planning, financial support and hard work. Before securing that banquet hall or scheduling those tee times, you need to have a solid plan in place. Our ebook is a quick guide on the key steps to having a successful fundraising event, with experts from Network for Good, Givezooks!, Events360 and Elizabeth Rose Consulting.

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Lisa Simpson for Nonprofits eBookLisa Simpson for Nonprofits: What Science Can Teach You About Fundraising, Marketing and Making Social Change

This eBook from Katya Andresen, Alia McKee Scott and Mark Rovner builds on the behavioral economics framework previously examined in Homer Simpson for Non Profits to include other applicable scientific frames of thought including cultural cognition and psychology that we believe are most relevant to the nonprofit space.

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Homer Simpson for Nonprofits EbookHomer Simpson for Nonprofits: The Truth About How People Really Think and What It Means for Promoting Your Cause

The success of your online outreach hinges on your understanding of the inner workings of the human mind. Learn the basics of the new and revolutionary field of behavioral economics and how you can use these principles to craft more effective messages that will win the hearts and minds of your audience.

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