At Network for Good, we love donate buttons. Big, bold, juicy, bordering-on-obnoxious donate buttons.  

Sadly, during an informal survey of more than two dozen nonprofit websites, we found tiny, buried buttons gasping to see the light of day and clicking action. Why does this matter? Research shows that size DOES matter: Bigger donate buttons help convert more donors!

Here are three surefire ways to get your button noticed and increase your online donations:

  1. Make it big.
    Visitors to your website should be able to find your donate button in two seconds or less. If it's a tiny text link at the footer of your site, how can on-the-fence (or even die-hard) donors find it? Not making your button prominent can imply that your organization doesn't need individual gifts. (If that really is the case for your nonprofit you can ignore all this button talk and go enjoy a nice s'more with the time.) Here's an example of what we consider a BIG button:

    Button Example

  2. Put it "above the fold."
    No, we're not newspaper folk, but the term carries some weight in online design: Above the fold is a concept in Web design referring to location of an item near the top of a Web page which can thus be viewed in a browser without scrolling. Get the most bang for your button buck--let your non-scrollers have easy access to your button.

  3. Let what's