Remember that group of people who signed up to receive your newsletter, liked you on Facebook or followed you on Twitter? Don’t just leave them hanging. Now that they’ve expressed interest and (hopefully) you’ve said hello and introduced your organization, strike up a conversation with them beyond your annual appeal or email newsletter.

 Social Media Conversation

Photo Source: SarahMcGowen

Think of it this way – who would you be more likely to help: a friend you regularly communicate with or a passing acquaintance who you only hear from in a holiday card (a holiday card that hits you up for money, no less)? By forging a relationship with this group, you strengthen your nonprofit’s visibility and reputation while fostering a positive feeling that helps create more loyal donors and active supporters. Leverage your social media channels to help build a relationship with these supporters.

5 Key Rules for Nonprofit Social Media Socializing

1. Don’t Be Boring: Yes, this should be obvious … unfortunately too many nonprofits slip into jargon mode in their communications. Talk to your supporters like real people: keep it to the point and interesting.

2. Don’t Come on Too Strong: Don’t overwhelm with too many updates or too much information. This also means don’t ask for too much too soon and post fundraising appeals sparingly.

3. Be a Good Listener: Conversations are two-way communications. Don’t just give your audience a way to talk back: truly listen to what your fans and donors are saying, and be sure to respond.

4. It’s Not All about You: It’s true that everyone loves to talk about themselves – that includes your donors. Showcase them as a part of your story, share the impact they have and invite them to chime in with their ideas and testimonials.

5. Be Yourself:
Your nonprofit should have a unique personality and point of view. Express this through your social media outreach – it helps your supporters get to know you better, form a connection and sets you apart from other organizations.