Year End Fundraising

Three Holiday Fundraising Clichés to Avoid

Year-end fundraising season is here and I’m seeing a steady stream of fundraising appeals arrive in the mail and in my inbox. As sure as I can count on receiving Aunt Nancy’s 3-page (front and back) annual family newsletter, there are a few themes that always seem to creep into the mix of these donation requests.

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8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Year-End Fundraising Campaign

Whether you've prepared all year for December fundraising or are playing catch up, there are still opportunities to make simple changes to help raise more money for your cause this year.

Use this quick checklist to improve your odds of making the most out of this season of giving:

End of Year Calendar
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5 Tips for Designing Your Year-End Email Appeals

It’s tempting to pull out every design stop in an attempt to make your year-end e-appeal stand out. Resist the urge to resort to visual overload as you design your year-end campaign. Keep these five pointers in mind for best results:

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How to Set a Fundraising Goal

Is your fundraising campaign focused on getting results?  It may sound like an obvious question but many organizations don't approach fundraising campaigns with clear, concrete goals. Without defined goals, it's pretty tough to know if you're actually succeeding. 

How to Set a Fundraising Goal
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6 Steps to Maximize Online Giving

As more donors opt to complete their donations online, it is our job as nonprofits to encourage and support that giving preference. You can maximize your online fundraising results this year by making online giving an easy, memorable and readily available option.

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Is Your Online Donation Page Ready for Prime Time?

Nonprofit marketing friends and fundraisers, now is the time to get your online donate form in shape for year-end fundraising.

Online Donations

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Five Things You Can Still Do to Boost Your December Income

It’s that time of year again. Feel like you are completely behind in your year-end appeals? Well, cheer up!

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Seven Incredible Hours in December: How to Make the Most of Year-End Giving

At Network for Good, we have processed over $400 million in donations to about 60,000 nonprofits since we were founded.

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Plan Your Year-End Campaign in 7 Steps

Year-end fundraising is a key time to raise money while supporters are in a generous mood and looking to make tax-deductible donations before the end of the year. To make the most of this season of giving, you need to have a clear fundraising plan to guide you and to share with your staff.

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Overachiever's Guide to Year-End Fundraising

Like crime, procrastination doesn’t pay. Literally. For many organizations nearly half of online fundraising revenue comes in during the month of December. But that revenue doesn’t just magically materialize.

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