Be Your Donor Day

The 4 Key Qualities of Amazing Thank You Letters

We all know thanking donors is important, but sometimes it’s easily brushed aside as one more item on our to-do lists. Consider this grim reality: nonprofits lose the vast majority of donors acquired each year. The typical nonprofit will keep only one in three to one in five of their supporters next year!

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How to Combat Donor Fatigue

Many organizations say: "We are a small nonprofit with a small, tired donor base. What can we do about donor fatigue?"

The Answer? If you have a small, tired donor base, you're not alone.

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Make Your Nonprofit Website a Positive Experience -- Even When Things Go Wrong

Great nonprofit websites go the extra mile to integrate their unique brand personality and call to action into every aspect -- even error messages! Find out how one nonprofit takes what could be a frustrating experience and makes it a positive one.

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Five Things You Should Never Say to an Online Donor

Picture one of your supporters sitting at her computer. She’s browsing your website. She just finished reading a heart-warming story of success about someone whose life has been transformed by your nonprofit’s program, and there’s a tear in her eye. Will she be compelled to give?

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How to Ask for Donations on Your Website

We're glass-half-full types of people around here, and realize that for every "don't," there should be a "do" in improving our online fundraising and marketing. Here are the six "dos" of asking for donations on your website.

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One Fool-Proof Way to Make Donating Easier for Donors

At Network for Good, we love donate buttons. Big, bold, juicy, bordering-on-obnoxious donate buttons.  

Sadly, during an informal survey of more than two dozen nonprofit websites, we found tiny, buried buttons gasping to see the light of day and clicking action. Why does this matter? Research shows that size DOES matter: Bigger donate buttons help convert more donors!

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Building Trust and Transparency

We've entered a Catch-22 of sorts these days: Constituents need our organizations' programs, support and mission activities more than ever, but the nationwide belt-tightening is affecting our donors. (Don't worry: They're definitely still giving -- especially online!)
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The Number One Reason Donors Stop Giving

What is the number one reason donors become "one-time" instead of "recurring"?

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The Art of the Online "Ask"

When you sit down to view your nonprofit organization's website, you should be able to locate the donate button in one to two seconds. One Mississippi... Two Mississippi... Time's up! That's it. It should be that easy.

So why aren't more nonprofit websites designed that way?

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The Two Words You MUST Include in All Your Outreach

Scammers love to trick you by pretending to be someone they're not. For instance, how many times has "Your Bank" attempted to get you to confirm or re-enter your personal information for their records?
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